Technique instruction

Your breath represents you, your experiences, your emotions and where you are in your life.

Introduction to the technique

Before joining the full breathing workshop, read the short video on the Transformational Breathing Technique that explains the main components and complementary tools we use in the meeting. See also a demonstration of using sound and body movements.

BASIC ELEMENTS: inhale going into the abdomen; passive exhaust; connected breath. COMPLEMENTARY TOOLS; acupressure, sound vibration (verbal expression) and body shaking. Also learn about the process of releasing emotions from the body; the phenomenon of synchronization confirmed by scientific research.


Hyperventilation is a phenomenon of overbreathing, as a result of which we exhale too much CO2 necessary to oxygenate our body. If we do not have an adequate level of CO2 in the body, the absorbed oxygen molecules do not separate from the hemoglobin.

It is very important, therefore, when using the breathing technique that the exhalation is passive, gentle, without your intervention, in order to prevent this hyperventilation.

How to prepare?

The best thing you can prepare before the session is your attitude. Establish as much confidence and trust as you can — both in yourself and the process. When first coming to a Transformational Breath session, many people bring a specific condition or problem with them. This is an important point of departure to identifying basic mechanisms that work within you.

However, at the beginning of each session, I’ll remind you that the solution doesn’t always look the way we imagined it. Often, on the way to solving the most obvious problem, you’ll need to heal and release other layers of experience first.

As for the practicalities, dress comfortably and grant yourself maximum comfort. For an online session, get yourself a glass of water, a mat, headphones, a comfortable place to lay down, a blanket, and some tissues.

Throughout the session, you may expect physical sensations such as dry mouth, numbness ortingling in the extremities, waves of heat or cold, chills, and sudden emotional agitation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me before the session.

Physical sensations during the workshop

The breathing technique is about working with the body and emotions at deep levels. Therefore, listen to what you can expect from the physical and emotional experiences during the workshops and individual sessions.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me by e-mail.

TV visitation

“Nothing happens by accident, whether it’s an illness or a breakup.” My personal story that led me to find a breathing technique that helped me regain myself and recover from an autoimmune disease.

Technique and tools that I pass on with great passion both in workshop programs and in individual sessions.

What they tell about me?

Thank you, Justyna, for another portion of emotions that came out and where I feel easier. This job you are doing is simply amazing and fruitful. I wish you and myself wonderful moments in life, you are our hope for a better tomorrow because you show what we should do for ourselves. Not someone but us, you are our guide to discovering the wonders in yourself, and I also think that you are our MIRACLE GRATEFUL

Ula K

I highly recommend group and individual workshops with Justyna Kubach in which I participate. I feel great after cleansing the traumas that each of us carries inside. A great experience when we go inside to heal our body. I feel freed from life traumas. I feel joyful. I feel grateful. I WANT TO DANCE, I WANT TO SMILE, I WANT TO BE MYSELF!


Breathing workshops. Justyna and her method of work allowed me to reach and relive the childhood experience that was very heavy on my life. An experience that I could relive again, but see it in a different light from a different perspective. An experience that allowed for relaxation, forgiveness, reconciliation and faith in life.

Dawid J

Thanks to working with Justyna, I am able to make decisive, concrete and tangible changes in my life. Thanks to this cooperation, I am building the life I want. I feel that Justyna has an individual approach to me, with sensitivity and intuition. I look forward to it and I am happy to welcome the next changes that will allow me to live like this want.

Diana P

For me, an amazing transformational breath experience that works wonders. It unlocks what is deeply closed and opens to a real presence here and now. The way Justyna guides you through the healing process is simply beautiful, her presence, accompaniment, and giving of her emotions gives rise to a real therapist-patient contact.


Very intense breathing workshops. A strong entry into experiences and emotions anchored in childhood. Emotional armageddon, which in the end brings inner peace and a smile in the heart. Correct breathing is life. Thank you for being Justyna


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