About me

Find out more about my professional qualifications as well as the tools and areas in which I work.

Who am I?

Justyna Kubach

Breathing and Mind Coach

Certified Transformational Breath® coach and facilitator. I’ve completed trauma training supervised by Dr. P. Levin and was awarded a CTP Trauma Professional Certificate. International NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) coach and practitioner. Certified practitioner of Inner Child Work and SBF method.

The tools and areas I work with:

The holistic method of diaphragmatic, connected breathing that integrates the body-mind and the soul. This deep bodywork combined with acupressure, sound vibration, and body shake-off releases charged energy of blocked emotions and traumas, deepens the breath, and facilitates the correction of the breathing pattern;

Inner child work that activates emotional responses of the child who couldn’t handle those emotions in the past and, as a result, froze them in the body;

Traumas and difficult emotions that occurred in the womb, as well as during and around birth. Even three decades ago, labour looked very different than today due to insufficient research. Today, for example, we know for a fact that children may take on the emotions of the mother right from the moment of conception;

Relationship with your Mother. This work helps you acknowledge her within you, release old programming and conditioning that you unconsciously inherited from her. You will also get access to the resources from your female lineage;

Relationship with your Father. This work gives you access to the qualities of male lineage and helps you fully open yourself to the world and the pursuits of success, money, and your desires. This is also about becoming open-hearted in your relationships;

Old programming and ancestral traumas which may date back up to seven generations (some sources claim it’s even nine generations);

NLP:Neurolinguistic Programming-based coaching tools;

Work with your subconscious and relaxational meditations.

What are they saying about us?

I recommend Justyna Kubach with all my heart, a warm, kind, empathetic person with a soul of love … Conducting the workshops, she is very well prepared, has extensive knowledge, background music that soothes, calms and gives you a feeling of being wrapped. I was very seriously ill for 5 years with several autoimmune and nero-psychosomatic diseases. None of the doctors could help me .. Justyna, who also struggled with a serious disease and got out of it, gave me hope .. Breathe is life .. And today I know you will never cure yourself of autoimmunity, psychosomatics and many serious diseases if you will not be able to release traumas through breathing … I recommend one more session with Justynka … Do not wait until you reach the bottom !!! Love yourself today !!!! Start today !!! With love, Edyta

Edyta K

I met Justyna online and, curious, I took advantage of the free breathing workshops organized on Sunday mornings. Working early with a somatotherapist, I knew that the body records many emotions, but so far I have not been able to discover what is recorded in some places in my body. Working at the workshops and then individually with Justyna allowed me to slowly discover these emotions and the reasons for some patterns of behavior that existed in me, and for which I could not find an answer. I highly recommend this way of finding yourself. Due to my own work, I am a supporter of a holistic approach to health and apart from proper nutrition and contact with nature, breathing is another very important element of a healthy and full life. Thank you, Justyna, for helping me discover it.

Gosia S

Thank you for today’s workshop, Justyna and you, who took part in it .. Beautiful energy, manifested in the tingling of the whole body and I feel that also a small physical healing, and certainly relief in the area of ​​the body, which was asking for attention with discomfort from yesterday.
Peace and gratitude in the heart, that is, the natural state.
Today, during the session, “I love you” came to me and me, as if the difference is whether I am telling myself or others, it does not matter, everyone and it all the same. And the mind’s pursuit of being in love, being love, is over, because it is just like I am. Negative emotions somehow totally quiet today. The only thing is, the hands went to the face by themselves, before Justyna even said that. Some more layer fell off, so gently and lightly. I am still so calm and peaceful and I feel very good. Thank you

Bożena K

Sunday’s full-time workshop gave me more than I expected. It was hard, sometimes difficult, but the effect was very positive. I started the session, full of difficult emotions, anger and fear, and it was this fear that mainly came out of me, I was hot, I sweated incredibly, working with the body, shaking these emotions, sometimes shouting out, throwing it all out, gave me a huge purification . What seemed impossible to me before, i.e. forgiveness and even gratitude, came naturally after the session. At the end, despite the tiredness, I felt light, I found my safe place where I could breathe and let go of what was not serving me. Thank you, Justyna, for miraculously guiding us this Sunday morning for the energy and breath that heals.

Kinga M

A breathing session with Justyna is a journey through your own interior, where you are guided with mindfulness, gentleness, understanding and full acceptance of yourself. As you meet your inner child during the session, you are guided through many difficult moments from the past that transform into beautiful upbuilding images that give you the strength to see yourself in a new, empowering way. Understanding for myself, my reactions, the courage to stand behind myself – this is what I gained from the time we met with Justnka on breathing sessions and working on the inner child. And the breath itself – diaphragmatic, correct – has a key influence not only on relaxation, but also on many other functions of the body seemingly not related to the breath.

Dorota J

Wow, I am impressed with how my body reacted! The vibration was amazing, thank you!


Justyna is a wonderful person who bestows warmth, kindness and understanding to each workshop participant. He conducts workshops in such a way that even beginners know what’s going on. Wonderful things happened in the free abridged sessions, and there was real magic in the full workshops. I sincerely recommend cooperation with Justyna Kubach and please do not be deceived by the fact that “it is only breath”, because there is great power in the breath.

Justyna W

Great activities. You can reliably de-stress and recharge with energy, and maybe heal 🙂 The lady in charge beats peace but also energy. I recommend it without thinking‼


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